Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Signage II

Will wonders never cease?  I was just pondering the signage at Croft yesterday and BAM! New signs appeared thanks to Steve Fincher @ Steve Fincher Photography.  Folks, things are getting better at Croft everyday.

Come out and ride the trails around Croft. See for yourself.  There's nothing like it in the Upstate. Sounds like there are some more signs on the way and a trail phone app may even be coming. Momentum, its what give us the rush we seek and it is also what is going to make the Spartanburg area a mountain biking destination very soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Walk Around Croft

Had a nice hike out on the Southside trail at Croft today.  The local mountain bike community has been hard at work cleaning up some of the messier, rootier (is that a word?) parts of the Southside Loop from the parking lot out toward the old dump and around to the creek and back to Centerline. That was all I could walk today.  As I was walking I noticed that the signage and some of the course marking tape from Stump Jump (in June) was still out there. I thought that it had been cleaned up but alas, the folks that organized Stump Jump just left town and didn't do any trail cleanup. Not having been out on these trails since June it was really surprising that this stuff was still up.

One thing I noticed was how bad the signage was getting.  We need to fix this. If we want people to come out and ride and feel comfortable then we need to have a good sign package and map available for riders.

Our first order of business should be these signs. If anyone knows who has the files for these documents we need to get hold of them to make some new signs. They are good signs, need a little updating, but provide a lot of good trail information.  We also need directional signs at the intersections with distances and difficulty on each one.  There are some awesome trails out there, we need to look at what others are doing to bring that cultivated, ride center feel to Croft. Let's do this!