Shared Mission

SAMBA and Upstate Sorba 
Shared Mission Statement

After discussing the formation of SAMBA it was decided that we would come into IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) under Upstate Sorba.  As SAMBA's main area of riding interest is Spartanburg County, SC and that falls within the charter of Upstate Sorba it was a natural fit.  After meeting with the leadership of Upstate Sorba & SAMBA it was agreed upon on 2/19/2015 that Upstate Sorba & SAMBA would have a chapter/sub-chapter relationship with all the benefits of membership in IMBA/Sorba passing through to new and current members of SAMBA.

Upstate SORBA/SAMBA is a volunteer, non profit organization dedicated to improving off road biking recreational opportunities within the Upstate region of South Carolina.

Upstate SORBA/SAMBA shall serve as an advocate for the creation, maintenance, and environmental stewardship of quality trail systems within the region.

Upstate SORBA/SAMBA will foster relationships with community leaders, promote volunteerism and outdoor recreation that is consistent with environmental protection, thereby strengthening the individual, family, and quality of life in our community.

Upstate SORBA/SAMBA has the following goals:

  • To provide activities, programs and training for its members and the general public aimed at the creation, stewardship, and long term care of trails within our region. 
  • To provide education, information and skills development for its members and the general public aimed at growing the knowledge, acceptance and ridership of off road bicycling in the region. 
  • To promote the responsible use of public trails by our members and the general public. 
  • To provide leadership in protection and preservation of the environment by advocating for informed public policy and by encouraging the establishment and management of protected land and water areas within our region for both recreation and wilderness. 
  • To provide an organization of volunteers and professionals who will manage our facilities, assets and programs, encourage positive growth for the sport of off road bicycling, and offer help and expertise to related efforts in the community. 
  • To organize and promote volunteer trail maintenance workdays, group rides, educational programs, and family activities designed to promote the responsible use of public trails by our members and the general public. 
  • Most importantly, to promote health, family and outdoor fun!

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