Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2021 SAMBA Membership Drive

2021 is's time to join or renew your SAMBA membership!!  Spartanburg Area Mountain Bike Association wants YOU to join us. We are a growing group of individuals who love to get out and enjoy our wonderful trails right here in Spartanburg. We have been working hard on cleaning up trails and adding signage at Croft State park and have much planned for 2021! We want you to be a part of everything that SAMBA has to offer.

2021 SAMBA Membership is $40 per person.

$40 SAMBA Membership Includes:

- $20 Gift Card to Trek Store Spartanburg if you join in January!

- 10% Off Parts/Accessories/Clothing at Trek Store.

- 10% Off Parts/Accessories/Clothing at Bicycle Time.

- SAMBA T-Shirt

- Access to SAMBA Tent at Spartanburg Criterium

- SAMBA Christmas Party

- Weekly Rides/Weekend Trips/Socials

- Helping Improve the Trails We Ride

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trail Building and Maintenance Guide

All you trail builders and wanna be trail builders will like this. It the government standard Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook. You can request a copy or download a pdf copy of it. Lots of good stuff in it to learn or refresh your trail building and maintenance skills.

As we move forward with SAMBA it is important to educate ourselves, both where we came from and where we are headed.  Read, ride, learn and teach.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Signage II

Will wonders never cease?  I was just pondering the signage at Croft yesterday and BAM! New signs appeared thanks to Steve Fincher @ Steve Fincher Photography.  Folks, things are getting better at Croft everyday.

Come out and ride the trails around Croft. See for yourself.  There's nothing like it in the Upstate. Sounds like there are some more signs on the way and a trail phone app may even be coming. Momentum, its what give us the rush we seek and it is also what is going to make the Spartanburg area a mountain biking destination very soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The beginning...

SAMBA- Spartanburg Area Mountain Bike Association formed in 2013 to bring all the
various mountain biking groups and riders together for the betterment of mountain biking, trail maintenance, construction, and education in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 
SAMBA was born of necessity. Spartanburg did not have a mountain bike specific group that represented the interests of the mountain biking community. This is our effort to change that status. If you mountain bike - tell your friends and lets get organized!

There are many mountain bikers in the Upstate that call Spartanburg or the surrounding area home. Many have ridden the trails around Spartanburg County for years, some have even built the very trails we ride. Let's get the veterans, the beginners, the trail builders and the kids in the Upstate involved in SAMBA.

It would be great to have an informal get together in the near future to talk about ideas for this group and to formalize our existence so that we can provide sustainable trails for the foreseeable future.

Next post will have a tentative date for a meeting based upon responses to this post and our Facebook page.