Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The beginning...

SAMBA- Spartanburg Area Mountain Bike Association formed in 2013 to bring all the
various mountain biking groups and riders together for the betterment of mountain biking, trail maintenance, construction, and education in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 
SAMBA was born of necessity. Spartanburg did not have a mountain bike specific group that represented the interests of the mountain biking community. This is our effort to change that status. If you mountain bike - tell your friends and lets get organized!

There are many mountain bikers in the Upstate that call Spartanburg or the surrounding area home. Many have ridden the trails around Spartanburg County for years, some have even built the very trails we ride. Let's get the veterans, the beginners, the trail builders and the kids in the Upstate involved in SAMBA.

It would be great to have an informal get together in the near future to talk about ideas for this group and to formalize our existence so that we can provide sustainable trails for the foreseeable future.

Next post will have a tentative date for a meeting based upon responses to this post and our Facebook page.